[SANS ISC] PowerShell Dropper Delivering Formbook

I published the following diary on isc.sans.edu: “PowerShell Dropper Delivering Formbook“: Here is an interesting PowerShell dropper that is nicely obfuscated and has anti-VM detection. I spotted this file yesterday, called ‘ad.jpg’ (SHA256:b243e807ed22359a3940ab16539ba59910714f051034a8a155cc2aff28a85088). Of course, it’s not a picture but a huge text file with Base64-encoded data. The VT score is therefore

[SANS ISC] Old Worm But New Obfuscation Technique

I published the following diary on isc.sans.edu: “Old Worm But New Obfuscation Technique“: Yesterday I found an interesting JavaSvript script delivered through a regular phishing campaign (SHA256:70c0b9d1c88f082bad6ae01fef653da6266d0693b24e08dcb04156a629dd6f81) and has a VT score of 17/61. The script obfuscation is simple but effective: the malicious code is decoded and passed to an eval()

[SANS ISC] Did You Spot “Invoke-Expression”?

I published the following diary on isc.sans.edu: “Did You Spot “Invoke-Expression”?“: When a PowerShell script is obfuscated, the deobfuscation process is, most of the time, performed through the Invoke-Expression cmdlet. Invoke-Expression evaluates the string passed as an argument and returns the results of the commands inside the string… [Read more]

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