[SANS ISC] Malicious DLL Loaded Through AutoIT

I published the following diary on “Malicious DLL Loaded Through AutoIT“: Here is an interesting sample that I found while hunting. It started with the following URL: hxxp://200[.]98[.]170[.]29/uiferuisdfj/W5UsPk.php?Q8T3=OQlLg3rUFVE740gn1T3LjoPCQKxAL1i6WoY34y2o73Ap3C80lvTr9FM5 The value of the parameter (‘OQlLg3rUFVE740gn1T3LjoPCQKxAL1i6WoY34y2o73Ap3C80lvTr9FM5’) is used as the key to decode the first stage. If you don’t specify it,


Training Announce: “Hunting with OSSEC”

I’m proud to have been selected to give a training at DeepSec (Vienna, Austria) in November: “Hunting with OSSEC“. This training is intended for Blue Team members and system/security engineers who would like to take advantage of the OSSEC integration capabilities with other tools and increase the visibility of their infrastructure behaviour.


[SANS ISC] Windows Batch File Deobfuscation

I published the following diary on “Windows Batch File Deobfuscation“: Last Thursday, Brad published a diary about a new ongoing campaign delivering the Emotet malware. I found another sample that looked the same. My sample was called ‘Order-42167322776.doc’ (SHA256:4d600ae3bbdc846727c2922485f9f7ec548a3dd031fc206dbb49bd91536a56e3 and looked the same as the one analyzed Brad. The


[SANS ISC] Searching for Geographically Improbable Login Attempts

I published the following diary on “Searching for Geographically Improbable Login Attempts“: For the human brain, an IP address is not the best IOC because, like phone numbers, we are bad to remember them. That’s why DNS was created. But, in many log management applications, there are features to


[SANS ISC] Cryptominer Delivered Though Compromized JavaScript File

I published the following diary on “Cryptominer Delivered Though Compromized JavaScript File“: Yesterday I found an interesting compromised JavaScript file that contains extra code to perform crypto mining activities. It started with a customer’s IDS alerts on the following URL: hxxp://safeyourhealth[.]ru/wp-content/themes/wp-trustme/js/jquery.prettyphoto.js This website is not referenced as malicious and the

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