[SANS ISC] Microsoft Publisher Files Delivering Malware

I published the following diary on “Microsoft Publisher Files Delivering Malware“: Attackers are always searching for new ways to deliver malicious content to their victims. A few days ago, Microsoft Publisher malicious files were spotted by security researchers[1]. Publisher is a low-level desktop publishing application offered by Microsoft in


[SANS ISC] Malicious DLL Loaded Through AutoIT

I published the following diary on “Malicious DLL Loaded Through AutoIT“: Here is an interesting sample that I found while hunting. It started with the following URL: hxxp://200[.]98[.]170[.]29/uiferuisdfj/W5UsPk.php?Q8T3=OQlLg3rUFVE740gn1T3LjoPCQKxAL1i6WoY34y2o73Ap3C80lvTr9FM5 The value of the parameter (‘OQlLg3rUFVE740gn1T3LjoPCQKxAL1i6WoY34y2o73Ap3C80lvTr9FM5’) is used as the key to decode the first stage. If you don’t specify it,

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