[SANS ISC] Remcos RAT Delivered Through Double Compressed Archive

I published the following diary on isc.sans.edu: “Remcos RAT Delivered Through Double Compressed Archive“:

One of our readers shared an interesting sample received via email. Like him, if you get access to interesting/suspicious data, please share it with us (if you’re authorized of course). We are always looking for fresh meat! The file was received as an attachment to a mail that pretended to be related to a purchase order. The file was called “P0-65774383__pdf.tar.lz” (SHA256:ea91dc0fdd99aab9e990b6520c136fc2f0c19b4ba82691ceef853ad4a86c0141). Note the double extension; it can be processed with lunzip on REMnux… [Read more]

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