Universities always complaint of their lack of resources and budget… Really? At work, I’m managing a four-nodes Alpha servers with a SAN. Pretty nice do you thing? Have a look at the URL below where at HUT (Finland) they are opertaing a cluster of 96 nodes! Clux: Beowulf-type cluster at

Just call me @

While preparing the war against Irak, the Bush administration has other more interesting projects! (I hope :-). They plan to setup a new electronic numbering system, called ENUM. This will helps us to be reachable by phone, instant messenging or faxes via the same identifier! News: Phone number, e-mail address

Future online war?

The NIPC (National Infrastructure Protection Center) reported a high risk of illegal activities (DDoS, hacking,… ) due to the current situation between United States and Iraq πŸ™ National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) – Warnings – 2003 Advisories – 03-002

Weapon inspection team?

Surfing the web, I saw a website URL beginning with ‘www.root…’. A new site for geeks? This time, the website has a completely different goal: Build a team of inspectors who will be sent to a site in the Washington D.C. area. They will inspect the production of weapons by

Lego tape drive

When I was young (and I’m still :-), I liked to play with Lego, especially the “Technics”. I spent hours to imagines trucks, cars, robots more and more complicated and animated. With the help of Google, I found sites related to Lego freaks who build crazy objects: Lego Tape Drive

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