What’s Internet?

Hmmm… How to define Internet? See the results given by www.googlism.com. My preferred definition: “internet is making the problem a thousand times worse because of its accessibility and increased ability to hide the problem behavior”


Walking the city with your notebook or PDA equiped with a Wifi network card, you found an open network… Ok, but how notify the other war drivers of this resource? By drawing specific symbols nearby the wireless access! It’s called Warchalking! Warchalking / Collaboratively creating a hobo-language for free wireless

Free Nessus Scanner

Do you know Nessus? This is probably the best free security scanner available. Nessus is not very easy to install and need access to a Unix box. The following URL allows you to perform some Nessus scans for free! adslscan.com

Be your own ADSL provider

In USA, the local operator refused to offer ADSL services to a small community lost in Colorado. They decided to become their own provider and bought a DSLAM, a router and all the material needed to build their POP! The most difficulties were to buy cheap bandwidth and to block

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