Do you need a SLA?

Are your data safely managed by your ISP? Do they have a strong backup politic? Sometimes a SLA (Service Level Aggreement) should be mandatory, read the story below: The Mousekaroos – Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

The Virtual Manager

Panic! Your boss asked you to organize an important meeting today. You need some “shock” sentences for your colleagues. No inspiration? Let the Virtual Manager give you some ideas… InsanityIdeas Virtual Manager

Collector disk!

This week, we had a problem with disk in a SUN server… It was a good old 4.2Gb running for a few years… Normal, the MTBF was over for a while. I called the support to request a disk swap, here is their answer: From: xxx To: xxx Cc: xxx

Remote Buffer Overflow in Sendmail

The CERT is published an Advisory regarding a sendmail buffer overflow… :-/ I let you imagine the number of potential servers vulnerable on the Internet! has already made patches available on their website. CERT Advisory CA-2003-07 Remote Buffer Overflow in Sendmail

Always reboot when asked!

This week began in a bad way… I installed my favourite antivirus software on one of my Win2K box but… did not reboot the box while requested during the installation process. <beep>Wrong idea</beep>, the antivirus was not enabled and, of course, the box was quickly infected by a Win32/Parite… Conclusion:

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