IIS 5.0 new exploit

A new security hole has been found on Microsoft IIS 5.0 platform (See the CERT advisory). Here is a small perl tool which check if a web server is running IIS 5.0 with WebDAV extensions enabled: finder.pl.

They think the Internet

In Belgium, a board of Internet pioneers started a new company called “TheOriginals”. Their goal: offer advices ($$$ 😉 to companies who have projects to open online services. I just have one question: who decided (and why) that such guys are pionners? For me, one person is missing in this

Do you need a SLA?

Are your data safely managed by your ISP? Do they have a strong backup politic? Sometimes a SLA (Service Level Aggreement) should be mandatory, read the story below: The Mousekaroos – Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

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