Mobile Pinguin…

Tired of PocketPC? It’s now quite easy to install Linux on your PDA! There are even distributions ready for them: MIZI Research, Inc. Should be very exciting to test it but, in my case, I’ll loose my GPS applications! If somebody has a spare PDA, mail me 🙂

Bluetooth fax/modem

Nice new toy: a Bluetooth modem/fax connected to your classic phone line. Then it’s used as a dialer when some other Bluetooth enable devices connect to it.

NT4 obsolete?

Micro$oft refuses to provide a fix for the latest security hole found in their Windows operating systems…. They recommend to simply protect the box behind a firewall 🙂 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-010

Compromised? No panic!

You detected unusual activity on your server? Strange packets going thru your network? Your box has been compromised? First, don’t panic! Disconnect it from the network and start investigations… SecurityFocus has published a first article (two others will follow soon) regarding the tools and best practices to analyse a compromised

Give me four!

Major bug on! During a few minutes, it was possible to buy the brand new iPAQ for 23£ (~34 EUR). Amazon cancelled all orders placed during this period…. There aren’t good looser! 🙂

Too busy server

Today, I had too solve a problem with a server (compaq Alpha ES40 / Tru64) which was overloaded. Is “overloaded” the right term here? 🙂 localhost Fri Mar 21 09:58:58 2003 632.86 201.31 140.44

Real war statistics?

With the current world situation (who can still ignore it 🙁 ), lot of web sites have been opened with more or less usefull information. This one try to maintain a database of civilian deaths due to military actions. Iraq Body Count

1 182 183 184 185 186 193