Remote Buffer Overflow in Sendmail

The CERT is published an Advisory regarding a sendmail buffer overflow… :-/ I let you imagine the number of potential servers vulnerable on the Internet! has already made patches available on their website. CERT Advisory CA-2003-07 Remote Buffer Overflow in Sendmail

Always reboot when asked!

This week began in a bad way… I installed my favourite antivirus software on one of my Win2K box but… did not reboot the box while requested during the installation process. <beep>Wrong idea</beep>, the antivirus was not enabled and, of course, the box was quickly infected by a Win32/Parite… Conclusion: defaced? :-)

Wow! Bad news for! They are in trouble with the US Department of Justice. Their website was even defaced by the US Government 🙂 I’m curious to know how many hits are made on this web page per day… [iSONEWS]


Argh! MSN Messenger has lot of predefined emoticons such 🙂 or 🙁. To display them, use the menus or type letters combinaisons such (a) or (c). There are also hidden emoticons. Today I found this one with a friend (thanks Cub 😉 : the famous “ASL?” which means in French:

/etc: geek TV

On /the sync/, you can find /etc: geek TV. There are lot of small movies (RealPlayer/Media Player) which explain, with easy words, miscellaneous technical subjects such ‘How does MP3 work’, ‘Mysteries of the Mae East’ …

Do you speak “Bork” ?

Next step in the browsers war… Microsoft performed some changes in the portal code which prevent Opera users to visit the Micro$oft portal. The response coming from Opera was a special browser ‘Bork Edition’ which renders the MSN site as spoken by a populer muppets 🙂 This release is

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