Windows applications on Linux?

SpecOpS Labs is a software laboratory specializing in the research and development of the next generation OS (Operating System) platforms. SpecOpS Labs recently made an extraordinary discovery involving the Microsoft Windows OS. Our discovery has enabled us to develop a breakthrough software program that we have codenamed David. David is the virtual Holy Grail in OS technology; it is a windows compatibility middleware, which will enable all major Microsoft Windows applications to run on the free and open-source Linux OS.

Our strategy is not to do battle directly with Microsoft, instead we will fulfill the prophetic statement of Bill Joy and give the OS Industry its next breakthrough — David. David will level the OS Industries battlefield; it will free consumers from the bonds of MS Windows, and give them the freedom to use the OS of their choice.

Question: if we have to pay a software to run apps (also paid $$$) on a free OS? Where’s the deal?