Crypto KMS vs KPMI

Sun Microsystems (via the project) released its encryption key management technology as open source. The offered toolkit allows developers and manufacturers of storage devices to write applications which will work together with the Sun Microsystems Crypto KMS (KMS stands for “Key Management System“). The Crypto KMS is an appliance


APOC (A Point Of Control) is a framework for centralized management of configuration settings for Gnome and beyond. APOC, originally developed for JDS (the Gnome implementation of Sun Microsystems) and StarOffice, is part of Solaris as Open Source software. In a standard Solaris installation, APOC is not enabled: # svcs

The ARC Cache effect

I installed a new server which uses the Solaris 10 (6/06) best features: ZFS (now officially supported by Sun) and zones. A few hours after the setup, I started the applications and data transfer. Immediately, the memory was almost full (only 300MB free) !? No big process running, nothing strange,

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