APOC (A Point Of Control) is a framework for centralized management of configuration settings for Gnome and beyond. APOC, originally developed for JDS (the Gnome implementation of Sun Microsystems) and StarOffice, is part of Solaris as Open Source software.

In a standard Solaris installation, APOC is not enabled:

#  svcs -a|grep apoc
disabled       Jul_20   svc:/network/apocd/udp:default

APOC uses a port (38900) which is not registered (@ IANA) What does it mean? Any application can bind to this port, and all applications using APOC will freeze or run slowly. Any user can cause a DoS…
Affected applications:

  • Gnome (gconfd)
  • [Open|Star]Office
  • Mozilla (Firefox)
  • Java Preferences

This issue has been discussed on the SunRay-Users mailing list. A bug is open @ SUN.

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