lvs-rrd protocol patch

I’m using lvs-rrd for a while. This set of script can easily generate nice graphs from an IPVS load-balancer. But the current scripts do not support traffic balanced on a same port with different protocols (ex: TCP/3000 & UDP/3000). I quickly wrote a patch to support multiple protocols: lvs.rrd.update.diff

Cluster on demand!

I’m an happy user of the OpenSSI cluster software for a while. This cluster solution is very stable and powerfull. Today, they announced a new “feature”: integration with the Knoppix live CD! OpenSSI clustering is now available for a new “distribution”: the KNOPPIX 3.6 Live CD. This is the easiest-to-install

DeLL RAID monitoring thru Nagios

Now, that I can manage my RAID controllers via a command line interface (See this story), the next step was to integrate this tool to Nagios. I found the following URL: (in French). But the check_raid script was written to check local RAID only. So I patched my nagios_statd

DeLL needs sound to manage servers?

I’m managing several DeLL servers with builtin RAID controllers. They run Linux and, of course, I need to have a view as complete as possible of the system status. I went on the DeLL website dedicated to “Linux on DeLL hardware” ( and found some interesting resources. I downloaded a

Looking for a MIB?

Today, while looking for a MIB, I found this URL: The homepage says: Search Engine with over 6200 SNMP MIBs representing over 910,000 MIB object definitions. No doubt, every admin must bookmark this site!

OpenSSI first true experience

A few months ago, I installed at work a Linux cluster based on OpenSSI. After looking for a free high-availability solution, this one seemed to be the best one, maybe due to my TruCluster experience. OpenSSI shares same features: single root filesystem process switching CDSL IP load-balancing and more… Lot

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