Source code readability!

During my studies, students were always brain stormed with the same message: “Your code must be readable by others”. And this one? #!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; $_=’ev al(“seek40D ATA,0, 0;”);foreach(1..2) {;}my @camel1hump;my$camel; my$Camel ;while( ){$_=sprintf(“%-6 9s”,$_);my@dromedary 1=split(//);if(defined($ _=)){@camel1hum p=split(//);}while(@dromeda ry1){my$camel1hump=0 ;my$CAMEL=3;if(defined($_=shif t(@dromedary1 ))&&/\S/){$camel1hump+=1;s$\s*$$g;( );;s ;^.*_;;;map{eval”print\”$_\””;}/.{4}/g; __DATA__ \124 \1 50\14540\165\163\14540\157\1 4640\1

mysqldump & foreign keys

Today, I had a problem while restoring a crashed MySQL server… The daily backup is done via a mysqldump (then the dump files are moved to a separate box). The DB to restore used InnoDB and foreign keys. I started to restore the data using: # mysql -u root -p

Firefox 1.5 Beta 1

Firefox 1.5 Beta 1 is available for download! I downloaded the installer for Linux-i686, installed in /usr/local/firefox (without removing my RPM instance, we never know! ;-). Start it for the first time, coredump! 🙁 I had to remove my old Firefox settings ($HOME/.mozilla/firefox). This article has been posted using 1.5

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