N.0 m-0-r-3 S-p-@-M !

As many of you, I hate spam! Every day, I’ve to fine tune my anti-spam rules (personally I use SpamAssasin) to detect more and more spam coming into my mailboxes… 🙁 I found this interesting script: Chris’s Mediocre Obfuscation Script which creates new rules for SpamAssassin. Its purpose is to

Microsoft will kill alternative Instant Messengers?

According to this article, Microsoft will force alternative Instant Messengers to be disconnected from their MSN network, due to a new security upgrade. We can also read: “We’ve never been a big fan of people accessing the network without authorization,” said Microsoft spokesperson Sean Sundwall Really? Does he know that

SSH from your mobile?

With new mobiles phones, it’s easy to develop applications for them. Some have a builtin Java virtual machine, others run a specific OS – Symbian. We will more and more see cool applications for our mobile phones. Here is a first one: a Symbian version of Putty the well known

Remote Buffer Overflow in Sendmail

The CERT is published an Advisory regarding a sendmail buffer overflow… :-/ I let you imagine the number of potential servers vulnerable on the Internet! sendmail.org has already made patches available on their website. CERT Advisory CA-2003-07 Remote Buffer Overflow in Sendmail

Do you speak “Bork” ?

Next step in the browsers war… Microsoft performed some changes in the msn.com portal code which prevent Opera users to visit the Micro$oft portal. The response coming from Opera was a special browser ‘Bork Edition’ which renders the MSN site as spoken by a populer muppets 🙂 This release is

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