Happy Birthday Mr Speadsheet!

Visicalc, the first spreadsheet for personal computers, is 25 years old!See a brief history of spreadsheets. The VisiCalc old MSDOS executable is availabe here!. I downloaded and executed it in a W2K environment under VMWare 🙂

The Number One HTTP Server On The Internet

The Apache foundation sent a press release today regarding their Apache HTTP server. Congratulations! Congratulations and kudos to the HTTP Server Project team for their hard work and accomplishments. To commemorate, the ASF issued this press release today: —— Apache HTTP Server Reaches Record Eight Consecutive Years of Technical Leadership.

Microsoft behind you!

How many hours are lost daily by IT engineers due to problems caused by Microsoft? Be warned: they can reach you in your day-to-day activities… I was quickly looking for a post office address in Belgium and got THAT!

Position Européenne vis à vis du software?

Je suis loin d’ĂȘtre un partisan de Micro$oft et de ses solutions mais la rĂ©cente dĂ©cision de la CommunautĂ© EuropĂ©enne m’interpelle… Microsoft vient d’ĂȘtre condamnĂ© Ă  payer 500 millions d’Euros d’amende pour prise de monopole sur le marchĂ© des systĂšmes d’exploitation. Soit… D’un autre cotĂ©, courant avril les dĂ©bats sur

N.0 m-0-r-3 S-p-@-M !

As many of you, I hate spam! Every day, I’ve to fine tune my anti-spam rules (personally I use SpamAssasin) to detect more and more spam coming into my mailboxes… 🙁 I found this interesting script: Chris’s Mediocre Obfuscation Script which creates new rules for SpamAssassin. Its purpose is to

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