DeLL needs sound to manage servers?

I’m managing several DeLL servers with builtin RAID controllers. They run Linux and, of course, I need to have a view as complete as possible of the system status. I went on the DeLL website dedicated to “Linux on DeLL hardware” ( and found some interesting resources. I downloaded a

Looking for a MIB?

Today, while looking for a MIB, I found this URL: The homepage says: Search Engine with over 6200 SNMP MIBs representing over 910,000 MIB object definitions. No doubt, every admin must bookmark this site!

OpenSSI first true experience

A few months ago, I installed at work a Linux cluster based on OpenSSI. After looking for a free high-availability solution, this one seemed to be the best one, maybe due to my TruCluster experience. OpenSSI shares same features: single root filesystem process switching CDSL IP load-balancing and more… Lot

Happy Birthday Mr Speadsheet!

Visicalc, the first spreadsheet for personal computers, is 25 years old!See a brief history of spreadsheets. The VisiCalc old MSDOS executable is availabe here!. I downloaded and executed it in a W2K environment under VMWare 🙂

The Number One HTTP Server On The Internet

The Apache foundation sent a press release today regarding their Apache HTTP server. Congratulations! Congratulations and kudos to the HTTP Server Project team for their hard work and accomplishments. To commemorate, the ASF issued this press release today: —— Apache HTTP Server Reaches Record Eight Consecutive Years of Technical Leadership.

Microsoft behind you!

How many hours are lost daily by IT engineers due to problems caused by Microsoft? Be warned: they can reach you in your day-to-day activities… I was quickly looking for a post office address in Belgium and got THAT!

1 33 34 35 36