Always reboot when asked!

This week began in a bad way… I installed my favourite antivirus software on one of my Win2K box but… did not reboot the box while requested during the installation process. <beep>Wrong idea</beep>, the antivirus was not enabled and, of course, the box was quickly infected by a Win32/Parite… Conclusion:

Bad day for DBA’s

Does not append often, so I think it can be notified here: The CERT has announced multiple vulnerabilities in the Oracle DB servers! Affected platforms are: * Systems running Oracle9i Database (Release 1 and 2) * Systems running Oracle8i Database v 8.1.7 * Systems running Oracle8 Database v 8.0.6 *

Universities always complaint of their lack of resources and budget… Really? At work, I’m managing a four-nodes Alpha servers with a SAN. Pretty nice do you thing? Have a look at the URL below where at HUT (Finland) they are opertaing a cluster of 96 nodes! Clux: Beowulf-type cluster at

Portable WiFi Fileserver!

Sony presented a new toy for Geeks: a portable Wifi fileserver! In a few words: Access point (802.11b) Linux based 20Gb FTP, CIFS, NFS Sony kündigt WiFi-Fileserver im Walkman-Format an | COMPUTERWOCHE Online

Free Nessus Scanner

Do you know Nessus? This is probably the best free security scanner available. Nessus is not very easy to install and need access to a Unix box. The following URL allows you to perform some Nessus scans for free!

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