You’ve been CVS’ed :-)

CVS is a very powerful tool to manage a set of files handled by lot of people in the same time (ex: a worldwide team of developers working on an open source project). Anyway, you can store what you want in a CVS repository! A crazy guy backups for 2

Linux on USB?

A new linux distribution on a USB dongle called Flonix. A “must have” when you travel or when you go visit your parents on rainy Sundays 🙂

Amiga forever!

Amiga computers were (and are still) the most exiting machines I ever owned… I found the following page which presents an history of the Workbench/Kickstart releases:


One more time, a new worm called ‘Swen/Gibe.F’ strarted his job on the Net yesterday… As usual, it spread itself via mail,lan,kazaa… More funy, the worm increments a web counter once installed 🙂

APC Remote Power Switch management

I’ve a APC Remote Power Switch @ home. Very usefull toy to control up to eight devices remotely via telnet or HTTP. Anyway, I was looking for a way to automate some actions (ex: power on my backup server during the night, perform backups and power off) via crontabs but

IIS under Linux?

Seen on Netcraft, strange signature reported by the Microsoft website 🙂 The site is running Microsoft-IIS/6.0 on Linux. See

Linux embedded… everywhere!

Do you see Linux only as a desktop/server operating system? Your vision will change after a visit to This portal is dedicated to embedded Linux solutions. Of course, there are lof ot PDA which can run Linux but also more “funny” devices such IP-phones, audio/video entertainment devices, … See


RedHat announced a new beta version of their Linux distribution called ‘Severn’… <quote> Among other things, SEVERN has: – a new graphical boot – GCC 3.3 – an updated 2.4.21 kernel – updated Evolution and Mozilla – and more! </quote>

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