Screen Shot 2012 03 16 at 22 19 29Just a quick blog post to announce that I just committed a new version of my tool on I’ll present it (and the associated website this Thursday at HITB Amsterdam during a SIGINT session.

What’s new with this version? First some bug fixes! (yes, I’m writing buggy code!) But there are also new features/options.

  • Opposite to the “_EXCLUDE_” feature, I added the “_INCLUDE_” one. This could help you to give more granularity to your regular expressions. Example: To search for references to the Visa credit card, use:
    +4[0-9]{12}(?:[0-9]{3})? _INCLUDE_ (visa|credit|card)

    This will reduce false positives. The pastie will be flagged only if it contains a credit card number and one of the three words in the same text.

  •  All the configuration has been moved from command line arguments to an XML file. It became difficult to maintain them in a single command line. The new syntax is simply:
    ./ --config=filepath [--debug] [--help]

    An XML sample configuration is provided in the repository.

  • If you enable the dump of pasties to a directory, the matching regular expressions are added as headers to help you to remind why they were dumped.
  • SMTP notifications have been added.
  • Detection of duplicate pasties is performed based on the Jaro-Winkler algorithm. Pasties which are “close” to an already matching one won’t be reported.

If you’ll attend Hack In The Box in Amsterdam, feel free to come and say hello!