BruCON Talks Video Mirror


For those who did not attend the BruCON conference last week, the videos recorded during the talks have been released on the BruCON Wiki.

Here is a local mirror:

  • A new web attack vector script fragmentation by Stephan Chenette [Download]
  • Attacking backbone technologies by Daniel Mende & Roger Klose [Download]
  • Belgian beer lovers’s guide to cloud computing by Craig Balding [Download]
  • Botnets ransomware, malware and stuff by Julia Wolf [Download]
  • Building hackerspaces everywhere by Astera [Download]
  • Dispelling the myths and discussing the facts global cyver warfare by Jaseon E. Street [Download]
  • Knowing me, knowing you, dangers of social networks by Brian Honan [Download]
  • Open source information gathering by Chris Gates [Download]
  • Rage against the kiosk by Paul James Craig [Download]
  • Red and tiger team by Chris Nickerson [Download]
  • Social engineering for penetration testers by Sharon Conheady [Download]
  • Transition to IPv6 on the Internet, threats and mitigation by Eric Vyncke [Download]


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