“Doing Well by Doing Right”

Today, I received a mailing (partnership between ING and Steptone) to promote open career opportunities at ING. Well, I receive a lot of mailings but this one was quite special…

It said: For more information about career opportunities, visit www.ingitcrew.be.. I really liked the slogan “Doing Well by Doing Right“, check out:

ING Advertisement

Problem? Don’t try to visit the website, domain name has not been registered!

# whois -h whois.dns.be ingitcrew.be
% .be Whois Server 4.0
% (c) dns.be 2001-2004 (http://www.dns.be)
[stuff deleted]
% WHOIS ingitcrew
Domain:      ingitcrew
Status:      FREE

www.ingitcrew.com is the right one. Typo error? Lack of project coordination? My first idea was, of course, to immediately register the domain. If anybody has a contact @ ING or Stepstone, give them a call!

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