More Hosting Nightmare…


Today, my blog suffered of a new severe outage! It already happened end of 2006: One more time, my server was moved to a new data center without prior notification!

Ok, there is nothing business critical in this server. But little communication from my hoster would be much better:

– 06:00 : Box down, the website of my hoster and DNS down. Ok, it’s probably a network or power outage. Last packet received: 00:06!!!

– 14:00 : Hoster web site and DNS up. My box still down.

– 14:30 : I open a ticket (priority “high”)

– 15:00 : I decide to go on site. The data center is located 30km from home.

– 15:30 : The guard says “Sure I can get you access but they moved! Aren’t you aware of that?” Me: “????????” It seems I was not the first customer to visit the data center today. He gave me the new address.

– 16:00 : The new data center is not yet finished, temperature very high, located at the ground floor with big windows around…. Hmmm… security has to be reviewed here.

– 16:30 : My server was booted again but network issue…

– 17:00 : The server is online!

When I’m writing this post, still no reply to my ticket… It’s time to move everything away!

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