Groundwork Security Dashboard

Networking In its professional release, Groundwork has a nice feature: the dashboards. Like in your car, a dashboard helps you to have under control important parameters or values.

In Groundwork, dashboards allow administrators:

  • to safely distribute status information to specific group of users or roles
  • to restrict information to specific group of systems or applications
  • to build auto-refreshing screen to be displayed in NOC or Helpdesk centers
  • to organize the displayed information

The upcoming new release (5.2) of Groundwork will have has a cool feature: dashboard will be able to integrate HTTP content from external source. As I’m using the open source (free) version for personal purposes, I would like to have a general security dashboard to display the following contents:

  • Internet security level status (ISS, ISC or more)
  • Security RSS feeds
  • Groundwork status overview

Let’s write some PHP code and integrate the new page with the WrappIt tool! Once added in the Groundwork main menu, set it as first option in your rule and you’ll have a new homepage once logged in. Here is the final result:

Groundwork Security Dashboard

The RSS feeds are configured via a simple text file and processed by magpierss. I still need to clean up the code but feel free to contact me if you’re interested.


  1. Sure, but your profile does not have an e-mail address. I’ll provide you the source code. Please give me your address.

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