TF1, the biggest French television channel has started a new service: DreamTV, television based on ADSL technology! They started a beta-test of this service with ~200 homes near Paris.

Colocation Nightmare

In the category “Don’t try this at home”, a friend allows me to use this picture as a good example of colocation nightmare! I imagine the on-duty engineer in front is this rack with his mobile: “Could you repeat please? Which one?” “Ahhhh, the yellow one!” “…”

Looking for Quake players?

Are you looking for new challenges in Quake? Find them on IRC! Quakenet is the biggest network of IRC servers dedicated to the well-known game with approximatively 150K players online worldwide. Quakenet has online statistics about their main servers: http://mrtg.quakenet.org/quakenet.org.html.

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