Top Ten passwords in UK

thomas arsenal monkey charlie qwerty 123456 letmein liverpool password 123 Of course this list comes from a study in UK (Liverpool and Arsenal are in good positions) but it must be the same everywhere. I’m sure that the same list in Belgium should contain “Standard” or “Bonnen” 😉 That’s another

Better than the MTV Music Awards or Golden Globes…

Four years ago, the SANS Institute and the National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) at the FBI released a document summarizing the Ten Most Critical Internet Security Vulnerabilities. Thousands of organizations used that list, and the expanded Top-20 lists that followed one, two, and three years later, to prioritize their efforts

IT & hurricanes?

Katarina will reach the US coast soon… Once personal & family safety is warranted, why not take care of IT & Internet? There is an interesting article @ SANS regarding this topic: Article: Hurricane Katrina Preparations

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