[SANS ISC] Malicious DLL Loaded Through AutoIT

I published the following diary on “Malicious DLL Loaded Through AutoIT“: Here is an interesting sample that I found while hunting. It started with the following URL: hxxp://200[.]98[.]170[.]29/uiferuisdfj/W5UsPk.php?Q8T3=OQlLg3rUFVE740gn1T3LjoPCQKxAL1i6WoY34y2o73Ap3C80lvTr9FM5 The value of the parameter (‘OQlLg3rUFVE740gn1T3LjoPCQKxAL1i6WoY34y2o73Ap3C80lvTr9FM5’) is used as the key to decode the first stage. If you don’t specify it,


[SANS ISC] Windows Batch File Deobfuscation

I published the following diary on “Windows Batch File Deobfuscation“: Last Thursday, Brad published a diary about a new ongoing campaign delivering the Emotet malware. I found another sample that looked the same. My sample was called ‘Order-42167322776.doc’ (SHA256:4d600ae3bbdc846727c2922485f9f7ec548a3dd031fc206dbb49bd91536a56e3 and looked the same as the one analyzed Brad. The


[SANS ISC] Cryptominer Delivered Though Compromized JavaScript File

I published the following diary on “Cryptominer Delivered Though Compromized JavaScript File“: Yesterday I found an interesting compromised JavaScript file that contains extra code to perform crypto mining activities. It started with a customer’s IDS alerts on the following URL: hxxp://safeyourhealth[.]ru/wp-content/themes/wp-trustme/js/jquery.prettyphoto.js This website is not referenced as malicious and the

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