[SANS ISC] “Lost_Files” Ransomware

I published the following diary on ““Lost_Files” Ransomware“: Are good old malware still used by attackers today? Probably not running the original code but malware developers are… developers! They don’t reinvent the wheel and re-use code published here and there. I spotted a ransomware which looked like an old one… [Read


[SANS ISC] Malware Dropping a Local Node.js Instance

I published the following diary on “Malware Dropping a Local Node.js Instance“: Yesterday, I wrote a diary about misused Microsoft tools[1]. I just found another interesting piece of code. This time the malware is using Node.js[2]. The malware is a JScript (SHA256:1007e49218a4c2b6f502e5255535a9efedda9c03a1016bc3ea93e3a7a9cf739c)… [Read more]

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