Bandwidth usage

Yesterday, I performed some clean up in my documents archive and found the following backbone map dated on 1995! Look at the circuits capacity and compare them with today requirements. When I started to work for an ISP, we had only 384Kbits of IP transit! Enough for all customers and

Be your own ADSL provider

In USA, the local operator refused to offer ADSL services to a small community lost in Colorado. They decided to become their own provider and bought a DSLAM, a router and all the material needed to build their POP! The most difficulties were to buy cheap bandwidth and to block

Colocation Nightmare

In the category “Don’t try this at home”, a friend allows me to use this picture as a good example of colocation nightmare! I imagine the on-duty engineer in front is this rack with his mobile: “Could you repeat please? Which one?” “Ahhhh, the yellow one!” “…”

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