French humor?

[ xavier@0-moove 0 ] ~ $ host -t txt -c chaos version.bind ns1.francetelecom.netUsing domain server: Name: Address: Aliases: VERSION.BIND text “ATTENTION, Pourquoi voulez-vous cette information?” This was reported by a friend of mine 😉

Marketing .vs. Operations

A friend of mine sent me the following URLs: (the marketing point of view) and: operational point of view) Which one can we trust? 🙂

Keyboard not present. Press F1 to continue.

Today we had, one more time, the same problem: One of our customers who has a server in our colocation room, calls the support to report a problem with his server, “Please reboot it asap”. We request the onsite engineer to press the ‘magic button’. A few minutes later, new

“Why no mail?”

I was browing the mail queue on one of our SMTP relays and saw a lot of emails pending for the mx domain. Strange… I checked the MX records and got THIS! No comment! 🙂 [xavier@malaga]$ dig mx ; > DiG 9.2.1 > mx ;; global options:

Do you need a SLA?

Are your data safely managed by your ISP? Do they have a strong backup politic? Sometimes a SLA (Service Level Aggreement) should be mandatory, read the story below: The Mousekaroos – Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

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