Hello? Anybody Home?

If you’re working in the small world of Internet Providers or perform any other business related to Internet, you are for sure aware of the major outage affecting Colt since yesterday in Europe (or you’re living on the moon!) Checkout the article on theregister.co.uk. I received feedback from several customers

The Great Firewall of Belgium

Due to an official request from the federal authorities, Belgian Internet Service Providers are preventing their customers to access four very-controversial URLs (all of them pointing to the same website). When I say “controversial”, it means, regarding the Belgian law, “illegal”. This website publishes personal information about people who performed

Be Multi Homed!

Are you multi-homed? In short terms, are you connected to the Internet via more than one Internet Service Provider? Today, more and more business activities rely on Internet: corporabe website, emails, online shopping. Loosing your Internet connectivity is a major risk. Could you evaluate it? What will happen if your

Justice .vs. P2P : 1 – 0

The SABAM (Société Belge des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs) sent a press-release regarding a judgement against the Belgian ISP Tiscali (aka Scarlet). The Brussels court gave reason to SABAM and will force Tiscali to block P2P traffic! The Belgian Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers (SABAM) has just won an

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