[SANS ISC] A ‘Zip Bomb’ to Bypass Security Controls & Sandboxes

I published the following diary on isc.sans.edu: “A ‘Zip Bomb’ to Bypass Security Controls & Sandboxes“:

Yesterday, I analyzed a malicious archive for a customer. It was delivered to the mailbox of a user who, hopefully, was security-aware and reported it. The payload passed through the different security layers based on big players on the market!

The file is a zip archive (SHA256:97f205b8b000922006c32c9f805206c752b0a7d6280b6bcfe8b60d52f3a1bb5f) and has a score of 6/58 on VT. The archive contains an ISO file that, once mounted, discloses a classic PE file. But let’s have a look at the file… [Read more]

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