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Wanna Come to BruCON? Solve This Challenge!

Wow, 10  years already! In a few weeks, this is the 10th edition of BruCON or the “0x0A edition“. If you know me or follow me, you probably know that I’m part of this wonderful experience since the first edition. I’m also sponsoring the conference through my company with a modest contribution: I’m hosting the websites and other technical kinds of stuff. Getting close to the event, we are still receiving many requests from people who are looking for tickets but we are sold-out for a while. That’ a good news (for us) but it may be frustrating (if you’re still looking for one).

As a sponsor, I still have a free ticket to give away… but it must be earned! I wrote a quick challenge for you. Not too complicated nor too easy because everybody must have a chance to solve it. If you have some skills in document analysis, it should not be too complicated.

Here are the rules of the game:

  • The ticket will be assigned to the first one who submits the flag by email ONLY (I’m easy to catch!)
  • There is no malicious activity required to solve the challenge, nothing relevant on this blog or any BruCON website.
  • Do not just submit the flag to explain how you found it (provide a quick wrap-up, a few lines are ok)
  • You’re free to play and solve the challenge but claim the ticket if you will be certain to attend the conference! (Be fair-play)
  • All costs besides the free ticket are on you! (hotel, travel, …)

Ready? So, enjoy this file


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