BlackHat Europe 2013 Wishlist


BlackHat EU 2013Here we go with a new season of security conferences! BlackHat Europe is the first big event for  me this year. The conference is back in Amsterdam this week for two days full of interesting briefing sessions and workshops. Again this time, the BlackHat organization provided me a press pass (thank again to them!) to attend and cover the event. This edition is back to a classic format: two days of trainings and two other days of briefings (last year, there was three days). I will cover the briefings in live (via Twitter) and write wrap-up’s after each day. Here is my (current) selection of sessions I would like to follow:

In parallel to regular tracks, the BlackHat arsenal is organized again by NETpeas where security tools will be demonstrated. I’ll briefly present a status of my project called CuckooMX. I just noticed that my friend and Belgian blogger colleague Peter (corelanc0d3r) has also posted his pre-conference blog post. His planning is completely different then mine. This is a good think, we will be able to provide a broader overview of the conference!

I’ll drive to Amsterdam on Wednesday evening. Feel free to contact me for a chat over a beer. See you there!


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