Digital or Analog Life, Same Issues!

Analog vs DigitalWe are living in a digital era and I like this! From a security point of view because it generates a lot of issues that we have to deal with (being infosec pro, it’s our daily job). But also because I like “gadgets”. We are big kids 😉

On the other side, other people prefer to use the old classic methods to manage their life: “A pen and a sheet of paper don’t need to be charged and will never crash!”. This is the classic argument when you try to convice them to switch to a digital solution. But are those people safe from disasters? Do they also need disaster recovery plan? I read an interesting story today on a Belgian news website:

A Belgian politician lost his leather diary (or was it stolen?). It contained thousands of contacts and appointments. Everything was written by hand since he was 18 years old! “Ask me where I was in Feb 1968, I will tell you!“, he said.

Except now that the diary is lost, he could say! I won’t start a flame war between pro and anti digital devices, I respect the choice of everybody. But one thing is sure: whatever the solution or method you choose, they are subject to risks that must be taken into account! Some affect only the digital solutions (example: a disk crash) but most are valid in both cases: natural disasters (water flood, fire), lost of stolen data. The “support” is not important, if it contains (business) critical data, a proper backup solution must be implemented!

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