Top-10 Blog Posts for 2011

Review 2011That’s the Christmas break for most of us! Let’s spend some good times with friends and family. That’s also the period when people like to ask to their crystal ball or their favorite mascot what will happen in the coming months. This is not an exercise for me. I don’t pretend to have enough cards in my hands to decide if this or this topic will become a “hot topic” in 2012. My point of view is way more simple: Attackers will target where the business (read: the money) is.

The period is also favorable for all kinds of “yearly reviews“. About this topic, I’ve some material to share with you. I processed all my blog logs from the last twelve months and generated my personal top-ten. What are the most read articles on this blog in 2011?

Unique Visitors Article
7163 Tunisia tracks users with JavaScript injection?
5149 Are you “NG” ready?
3940 “Lulzsec vs The Sun”, a case study?
3804 Tracking malicious IP & users with OSSEC
3638 Auditing MySQL DB integrity with OSSEC
3473 Should Dropbox & co be killed?
3380 My OSSEC dashboard
3356 You like? Spammers like you too!
3293 OSSEC speaks Arcsight
3262 Why physical (network) security is important?

I’m blogging for fun and it’s always motivating to see the number of visitors growing! Nothing should change in the next year. I’ll continue to share stuff about security topics and write conference wrap-ups. I wish you a Happy (and safe) New Year 2012!

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