hack.lu Part #1

hack.lu just started!

The first talk was Malware of the future – When mathematics work for the dark side. To be honest, it was very hard in the morning! The speaker, Eric Filiol, flooded the audience with mathematical formulas. I didn’t practice maths for a while! But, and maybe the most important, the conclusion was “100 % protection is a lie and that it is always possible to design attacks that are impossible to not only proactively detect and prevent but also to detect once they are under way.“. Don’t rely in your Anti-virus software anymore.

The second talk was much interesting, Roelof Temmingh presented a product developed by his company: Maltago. By analyzing all kind of public information available on the Internt (domain names, IP addresses, BGP AS, Whois information, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, …), it’s possible to build maps of information and to define relationships between them. There is no more anonymity on the Internet! Even more with the explosion of social networks.

Stay tuned…


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