Strong(er) Authentication

To perform strong authentication, you need to combine two or more of the following factors: Something you know (a password or PIN code), something you have (a token or a grid card), something you are (your finger print, voice or retina). By mixing those three factors, you can increase your security.

Two companies, Imprivata and Nedap combined their products and technologies to add a fourth-dimension to the authentication process: where you are!

This sounds very interesting: depending on your location, your access rights will change. Example: if you used your badge to enter the company office or the data-center, you will be granted more access than if you logged remotely via a VPN connection!

The core product of Imprivata is an appliance (OneSign) dedicated to authentication management. On the other hand, Nedap develop physical access products (also based on RFID). By using some kind of “connector”, OneSign can use physical authentication provided by Nedap products. The solution is called OneSight Physical/Logical.

Check out the demo:

Imprivata Logical/Physical Demo
Imprivata Logical/Physical Demo

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