while(true) { reboot(); }

Windows Logo For the family usage, we have a laptop running Vista. Yesterday, the system suddenly requested to restart the OS without alternative. After the first reboot, I got the following screen:

Windows Patch Install

The laptop started an infinite loop of patch install, reboot, patch install, reboot, … I googled the message and found the following information:
configuring updates 3 of 3. 0% complete” reboot loop in Vista – possible fix in Windows Update

Why does Microsoft recommends to apply a patch to fix this issue? Why not install the patch by themselves? In the document above, they recommend to boot your Vista media or use the safe boot feature. Problem: the safe-boot mode does not work at all! And more and more laptop are delivered without media! Thanks Microsoft!

It seems that the problem first occurred with the patches released on 12 February. The future SP1 for Vista will also require the patch discussed in article 937287.

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