TrueCrypt 5.0 Released

LockA new release of TrueCrypt is out! For those who still do not know this product, its a free open-source disk encryption software for Windows Vista, Windows XP , Mac OS X, or Linux.

Full partitions or storage devices (USB sticks) can be encrypted or virtual disk can be created (a flat file on a non-encryption file system).

What’s new? The most important new feature is:

the ability to encrypt a system partition or entire system drive
(i.e. a drive where Windows is installed) with pre-boot

Actually, my notebook has two filesystems: C:\ (were resides the OS) and D:\ (encrypted with TrueCrypt and were reside the data). I’ll reinstall Windows XP on an old notebook and test this feature asap. Even if TrueCrypt is a very reliable product, I’d like to see how to product works before making the “big jump”!


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