Europol & Interpol Phishing Ahead?

When you keep an eye on newly registered domains, they are some of them that attract your eyes immediately. Some domains related to Europol, the European Union’s law enforcement agency, and Interpol have been recently registered. Domain Registration Date Registrar 2022-02-15 Google 2022-02-08 WebNic 2022-02-15 Ligne Web

[SANS ISC] Analysis of a Phishing Kit

I published the following diary on “Analysis of a Phishing Kit“: Sometimes, attackers make mistakes and allow security researchers to access interesting resources. This time, it’s another phishing kit that was left in the wild on the compromised server. The file is called ‘’ (SHA256:269ab3970ef8997a61b1b14eebe5a2beb1348b2dcc5358ccd4314ad19a41daf5)… [Read more]

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