/etc: geek TV

On /the sync/, you can find /etc: geek TV. There are lot of small movies (RealPlayer/Media Player) which explain, with easy words, miscellaneous technical subjects such ‘How does MP3 work’, ‘Mysteries of the Mae East’ …

Do you speak “Bork” ?

Next step in the browsers war… Microsoft performed some changes in the msn.com portal code which prevent Opera users to visit the Micro$oft portal. The response coming from Opera was a special browser ‘Bork Edition’ which renders the MSN site as spoken by a populer muppets 🙂 This release is


This weekend, Frequence3, a French web radio, is covering Lan@Game in Nantes, France. Since yesterday, 13h, they are present live with an video streaming. They streamed the stands, the whole room and actually they are streaming the finale of Quake3! See mms://video.frequence3.net/lanagame (Windows Media Player only).

Bad day for DBA’s

Does not append often, so I think it can be notified here: The CERT has announced multiple vulnerabilities in the Oracle DB servers! Affected platforms are: * Systems running Oracle9i Database (Release 1 and 2) * Systems running Oracle8i Database v 8.1.7 * Systems running Oracle8 Database v 8.0.6 *

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