Disk full ?

A crazy project: setup a backup solution based on harddisks instead of classical tapes… 576 x 160GB drives! 70 TB Backup RAID at the University of Tbingen” href=”http://www.tomshardware.com/newsletter/vol3/16/70tb.html”>Tom’s Hard News weekly email newsletter Vol III/No. 16 – Hard Drives Instead of Tapes?70 TB Backup RAID at the University of Tbingen

New USB port usage?

Modems, printers, mouses, keyboards, screens, digital cameras… More and more devices are now USB compliant… Still one was missing… Our Japanese friends did it: keep your coffie at the right temperature via USB! A “must-have” for network/sysadmin who drink coffie all the day 🙂 —DCT-NETEHome Page—

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