And for your PDA? Benzine or diesel?

The power… This is the main issue in lot of embedded applications! Batteries are the most important part of portable device. Some researchers developed a brand new system: the smallest fuel processor ever which can deliver electricity from liquid fuels such as butane, jet fuel, diesel, … Think Small When


Security is a key word today! Don’t open an online service without a strong security policy. But, some (network|system|office) administrators fall into paranoia! Read the stories collected on, they started a competition with the most stupid security rulez. Privacy International – Stupid Security

Does it make coffie too?

The CF slot (“Compact Flash”) found on more and more PDAs seems to be the latest gadget for (un)usuful extensions: After memory extensions, GPS, Wifi, Webcams, now … the FM radio! 🙂

Choose your future…

I found the following text as signature in a mail… So real! Choose no life. Choose no career. Choose no family. Choose a fucking big computer, choose disk arrays the size of washing machines, modem racks, CD-ROM writers, and electrical coffee makers. Choose no sleep, high caffeine and mental insurance.

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