Womens are like web servers

Sorry, in Dutch only but so true 🙂 400 Bad Request Heeft geen bos bloemen bij zich 401 Unauthorized Reeds gehuwd 402 Payment Required Dineetje bij kaarslicht 403 Forbidden Finger Weg daar! 404 Not Found Vanavond met vriendinnen uit 405 Method Not Allowed Nee, niet van achteren… 406 Method Not

Cisco declares war against P2P?

Cisco announced a new IOS with nice features for ISP, not for P2P addicts 🙂 In addition, Cisco is announcing a host of new IOS-based management tools for sophisticated content, traffic and network management. Load Balancing provides MSOs with a higher level of intelligence, giving them the ability to efficiently

The Real TV era!

All TV channels worldwide dream of real-TV shows. The recipe is very simple: put a group of teenagers in a house equiped with cameras and film them 24×7. Let them dream of a nice carreer in the show-businness. That’s it! American Idol on FOX is one of these shows. Sometimes,

“Why no mail?”

I was browing the mail queue on one of our SMTP relays and saw a lot of emails pending for the springfieldford.com mx domain. Strange… I checked the MX records and got THIS! No comment! 🙂 [xavier@malaga]$ dig springfieldford.com mx ; > DiG 9.2.1 > springfieldford.com mx ;; global options:

1 175 176 177 178 179 190