[SANS ISC] Malicious Excel With a Strong Obfuscation and Sandbox Evasion

I published the following diary on “Malicious Excel With a Strong Obfuscation and Sandbox Evasion“:

For a few weeks, we see a bunch of Excel documents spread in the wild with Macro V4. But VBA macros remain a classic way to drop the next stage of the attack on the victim’s computer. The attacker has many ways to fetch the next stage. He can download it from a compromised server or a public service like,, or any other service that allows sharing content. The problem is, in this case, that it generates more noise via new network flows and the attack depends on the reactivity of the other party to clean up the malicious content. If this happens, the macro won’t be able to fetch the data and the infection will fail. The other approach is to store the payload in the document metadata, the document itself or appended to it… [Read more]

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