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BruCON Challenge: Solve & Win Your Ticket!

*** The challenge has been solved and the ticket is gone! ***

The Belgian security conference BruCON 0x0B is already scheduled in a few weeks! The event becomes more and more popular and we were sold-out very quickly. If you don’t have a ticket, it’s too late! Well, not really. We have alternatives: Buy a training ticket and access to the 2-days conference is included! We have a nice schedule with top-instructors. Another alternative, if you want to participate and give some free time, we are still looking for a few volunteers and you’ll also have access to the conference.

Otherwise, I’ve another good news for you: I still have a ticket to give away to the winner of a small contest. How to play? Like the previous years, just solve a challenge. This time, everything is web-based. Here are the rules of the game:

  • The ticket will be assigned to the first one who submits (first come, first win) the flag by email ONLY (I’m easy to catch!) Tip: the flag is a hash like ‘BruCON_xxxxxxxxx’.
  • There is no malicious activity required to solve the challenge, nothing relevant on this blog or any BruCON website.
  • Be fair and don’t break stuff, don’t DDoS, etc. (or you’ll be blacklisted)
  • You’re free to play and solve the challenge but claim the ticket if you will be certain to attend the conference! (Be fair-play)
  • All costs besides the free ticket are on you! (hotel, travel, …)
  • Don’t just submit the hash, give some details about the solution. It will help me to select a winner if I’ve some doubts about your submission.
  • By trying to solve the challenge, you accept the rules of the game.

Interesting? It’s starting here.

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