TROOPER 10 Ahead!

Next week, it’s already the 10th edition of the TROOPERS conference in Heidelberg, Germany. I’ll be present and cover the event via Twitter and daily wrap-ups. It will be my 3rd edition and since the beginning, I was impressed by the quality of the organization from the content point of view but also from a technical point of view. There isn’t a lot of events that provide SIM cards to use their own mobile network! Besides the classic activities, there is the hacker-run, Packetwars or the charity action with auctions.

The event will be split in two phase: Monday & Tuesday, NGI will take place or “Next Generation Internet” and propose two differents tracks. One focussing on IPv6 and the second on IoT. The schedule is available here. Here is the selection of talks that I’ll (try to) attend and cover:

  • What happened to your home? IoT Hacking and Forensic with 0-day
  • IPv6 Configuration Approaches for Servers
  • IoT to Gateway
  • Dissecting modern (3G/4G) cellular modems
  • RIPE Atlas, Measuring the Internet
  • Hidden in plain sight; How possibly could a decades old standard be broken?
  • An introduction to automotive ECU research
  • PUFs ‘n Stuff: Getting the most of the digital world through physical identities
  • BLE authentication design challenges on smartphone controlled IoT devices: analyzing Gogoro Smart Scooter
  • Metasploit Hardware Bridge Hacking
  • Hacking TP-Link Devices

On Wednesday and Thursday, regular talks are scheduled. There are three concurrent tracks: “Attack & research”, “Defense & management” and “SAP”. Personaly, SAP is less interesting (not working with this monster). Again, here is my current selection (most of them are from the “defense & management” track):

  • Hunting Them All
  • Securing Network Automation
  • Vox Ex Machina
  • Architecting a Modern Defense using Device Guard
  • Exploring North Korea’s Surveillance Technology
  • Arming Small Security Programs: Network Baseline Generation and Alerts with Bropy
  • PHP Internals: Exploit Dev Edition
  • How we hacked Distributed Configuration Management Systems
  • Ruler – Pivoting Through Exchange
  • Demystifying COM
  • Graph me, I’m famous! – Automated static malware analysis and indicator extraction for binaries
  • Windows 10 – Endpoint Security Improvements and the Implant since Windows 2000

Nice program, plenty of interesting topics! Keep an eye here for some wrap-up’s. And, if you’re in Heidelberg, ping me if you want to chat.


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