BSidesLondon D-Day – 2

Security BSides LogoStill two times to sleep (like say children) and it’s the first edition of B-Sides London! The laptop is patched and hardened, tickets are printed, my slides are (almost) ready, Wednesday in the early morning, I’ll travel to London.

It’s time to prepare my selection of talks! As usual, I’ll try to cover the event via Twitter and write a post-even wrap-up. My current wish list is:

  • Dr Paul Judge: “Social Media and security: Are they compatible?”
  • Jimmy Blake: “Cloud Computing Due Diligence – WTF?
  • Ellen Moar & Colin McLean: “Malware writing 101 – A script kiddie’s attempt at writing and masking Trojans”
  • Steve Lord: “Breaking, Entering and Pentesting”
  • Wicked Clown: “Breaking out of restricted RDP”
  • David Rook: “Agnitio: its static analysis, but not as we know it”
  • Oraya Viloria Montes de Oca: “You built a security castle and forgot the bridge…now users are climbing your walls”
  • Chris John Riley / TheSuggmeister / Arron “finux” Finnon / Frank Breedijk: “Security YMCA”
    Brian Honan: “Layer 8 Security – Securing the Nut Between the Keyboard and the Screen”

The latest will be difficult to choose! A third room will also be available for spontaneous talks or discussion (like lightning talks). I’m curious!

I’ll stay in London until Thursday morning, drop me a note if you’re interested in relaxed conversations around a beer.

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