After Steganography, “Steganodrug”?

SteganographySteganography is a technique used to hide a message in another one. This word has a Greek origin: “steganos” means “covered or protected“. A well-known application of steganography is hiding a picture into another one. In information security, it can be useful as an evasion technique.

But people have a endless imagination when they need to transfer stuff in a safe way. I read the following story this morning: Ingenious people used pages from coloring books to transfer drugs to imprisoned persons! Have a look at the picture below. It looks cute, colored by a child… Sure?

Drug Coloring

Will we see new words like “steganodrug” in the future? Here is more info about this story:

“Back in February, corrections officers received information that the drug Suboxone (aka Buprenorphine) [a narcotic used to treat opiate addiction but often used recreationally] was being channeled into the Correctional Center through inmate mail.

The tip led to a full investigation. During the second week of February, a mail room officer discovered mail containing a coloring book page. The page had an Orange substance blotted on it that looked similar to watercolor paint.

Investigators confiscated the page and sent it to the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office Laboratory for testing. The page tested positive for Suboxone.”


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