BruCON 2010 Wrap-Up

BruCON LogoBruCON is already over! Two exciting days spent with most of the top security speakers coming from several continents. I usually write a quick review of the presentations I followed during a security conferences but BruCON is something different: I’m behind the stage. Like last year, I gave some of my free time (and sweat!) to take care of the “technical part” of BruCON (read: the servers, the websites, the network, bits and bytes).

Just back from SOURCE Barcelona, it was already time to build the network. A security conference without a strong network is not funny. With the help of cool volunteers (thanks again, guys!), everything was deployed in time to welcome the visitors on Friday 9AM! During the two days, there was always some issues to fix and, like a pan of milk on the fire, you have to keep an eye on your baby. After all, it’s a security conference and people WILL try to broke thinks, it’s part of the game. I’m preparing a blog post about our network during the conference with some facts and stats. Stay tuned!

I did not attend the security talks or just five minutes from time to time and cannot give my input about them. But other bloggers already posted good reviews like Peter ( and Chris ( Fortunately, I was able to follow the security podcaster meetup, a good idea of Wim (The Security Kitchen). It was really fun to see in live Pauldotcom (United States), Exotic Liability (United States), Disaster Protocol (Europe), (Europe), Eurotrash (Europe), DiscussIT Pubcast (Africa). Good interaction with the audience. The podcast is already online, thanks to the Signal.

Lot of workshops were organized by people who shared their knowledge on different topics like hardware hacking, lock picking, security tools, operating systems and much more. Perfect combination between the real trainings and the talks with more interaction between participants and hands-on exercises.

Regarding the other “events” during the conference, the lightning talks were completely revamped in a new format. Moderated by Craig ( and Chris (, they received a good attention from the public. It was a good occasion for me to present one about OSSEC and fraud detection. My slides are available on The Hex Factor was present with new challenges and several teams played during the two days. Last but not least, Frank ( organized a PowerPoint karaoké. It was so funny.

Some words about the social aspects? Cool people with very deep knowledge of info security but who are able to stay so humble (like said during the podcaster meetup: “We learn by failing!“). I met old friends, made new ones. I will not mention them for fear of forgetting some! You rock guys!

A lot of meetings, hours of development, configurations and the two days have passed so quickly! But it’s sure, I’m already volunteer for the next edition!

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