JavaScript Password Trainer

Keyboard I won’t come back on password policies. Everything has already been covered multiple times on this topic! Regular password changes might be forced in your organization. When you use the same password multiple times a day, you finally don’t think about it and type it “blindly”.

When my passwords need to be renewed, I always need a period of time to learn the new suite of characters. By learning, I mean not only to memorize the password but also the keyboard sequence (on both keyboard layouts – AZERTY & QWERTY). A colleague, Bart Van Eynde, wrote a small piece of JavaScript code which will help you to learn your new passwords: The JavaScript Password Trainer. Bart authorized me to post his script here.

The idea is very simple: You enter your new password and fill it again and again in the remaining password fields. Click on “Check Passwords” and the result will be displayed: how many typo-error you made. Note that you don’t need to fill in all the fields.

The script is here: PWtrainer

Note: The JavaScript code is clean, your password won’t be stolen 😉

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