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Back to school

After some good summer times, back to school for my daughters today (a very special day, a bigger school) and to work for me tomorrow… I was off for two weeks and spent one of them on the Ré island in France. Very bad Wi-Fi coverage, more and more access points are secured (not always in the best way). Things are changing. That’s a good point for security but some “free” hot spots are always welcome when you miss some IP connectivity…

Now, I’ve to deal with a huge amount of tweets, RSS feeds, mails, forums etc. It will take some days to clean up the mess!

It seems that holidays are gone now. A 0-day exploit for IIS/FTP was released yesterday, a WPA key has been cracked by Japanese researchers in less than one minute and an SSH key was compromised. Another good feeling is the number of security events in the coming weeks. I’ll attend the following:

If you will follow one (or more) of them, feel free to contact me and let’s meet/have a drink! (for other conferences, don’t forget to check out my calendar!)

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